“Wisdom For An Undivided Life"

Sit in the back room as Fran unpacks the Book of James for the Clemson Navigators on their 2016 Spring Mission Trip to serve at the Christian Service Mission in Birmingham, Alabama. James, according to Fran, is the one book of our New Testament, that takes us about as close as we can get to what was important to the early believers. In these four messages, he takes the students deep inside the issues of racial discrimination, the place of “works” in the life of a modern believer, and the danger of seeing one’s spiritual life as a quilt of unrelated pieces, rather than an inseparable tapestry of faith and life.  (back to index)

  • Message 1: “A Divided Heart: First Century Disorder in 21st Century Clothing” (listen)
  • Message 2: “An Undivided Head: Testing, Temptation, and Testing” (listen)
  • Message 3: “Racism: First Century Disease With a Twenty Century Half-Life” (listen)
  • Message 4: “Exorcising The Demon of ‘Works’ & Forging a Theology of Blessed Deeds” (listen)