"We're Not in Kansas Anymore!"

This series represents Fran's all-day seminar for pastors and their wives hosted by Samford University's Beeson Divinity School. The five messages represent Fran's study of the culture and its encroachment on the Church over the past forty years. This is a provocative and prophetic look at American Christianity's growing similarity to American culture and politics, rather than the New Testament.  (back to index)

  • Message 1: "60 Years in 60 Minutes" - an overview of American culture (listen)
  • Message 2: "From Candyland to Broadband" - the rise of cyberculture (listen)
  • Message 3: "Who Do I Say That I Am?" - biblical identity & mission (listen)
  • Message 4: "You Can't Google God" - forging a theology of technology (listen)
  • Message 5: "The Road to the Future Runs Through the Past" - where do we go from here? (listen)