“The Matrix"

Life in the 21st century is noisy, distracting and busy. Much of the help and hope we are counting on in the communications revolution may also be working against the values we are struggling to maintain, and moving us in a direction we are unaware. This penetrating series is insightfully presented without falling prey to alarmist emotionalism. A must series for anyone seeking to raise a family in America.  (back to index)

  • Message 1: "We're Not In Kansas Anymore!" - brief history of technology in the U.S. (listen)
  • Message 2: "7 Technology Myths" - What we don't ask and "they" don't tell (listen)
  • Message 3: "Parenting Isn't a Virtual Exercise" - Raising a family in a hi-tech age (listen)
  • Message 4: "Out of the Matrix & Back to Eden" - Reclaiming our inner lives (listen)