“Six Smooth Stones"

At a family conference for a large suburban Southern church, Fran explores the transparent forces that our shaping our culture and the Church. After examining the "Goliaths" of autonomy, postmodernism, sensuality, affluence and others, he introduces six "stones" for facing these formidable foes. Among them are: the supremacy of God, biblical identity, transformation, solitude, and ministry. (This is an excellent series for parents, especially those with young children.)  back to index

  • Session 1: "Understanding The Real Battle" (listen)
  • Session 2: "The 'Goliaths' Of Our Day" - part I (listen)
  • Session 3: "The 'Goliaths' Of Our Day" - part II (listen)
  • Session 4: "Six Smooth Stones - part I (listen)
  • Session 5: "Six Smooth Stones - part II (listen)