"Reexamining the Gospel"

Fran addresses a roomful of men and women of all ages engaged in full-time Christian ministry. Fueled by his growing passion to restore spiritual transformation to a place of priority in the Church's preaching, teaching and ministry agendas, this series explores the weakened condition of our understanding of redemption. You will find this series theologically engaging and challenging. Without sacrificing his typical prophetic voice, Fran leads you from a full understanding of the nature of the Gospel in the Church to a hopeful agenda for its recovery.  (back to index)

  • Session 1: "The Elephant In The Room" - revisiting the doctrine of sin (listen)
  • Session 2: "Left Behind" - isolating redemption's lost piece (listen)
  • Session 3: "God In A Box" - the dangers of franchsing the gospel (listen)
  • Session 4: "The 'Physics' Of Redemption (listen)
  • Session 5: "Redeeming Redemption (listen)