"Redeemed or Spared?"

For many, “the gospel” is simply God’s answer to their guilt. As a result, being “saved” is an event that happened in their past rather than a continuous process carrying them on into eternity. In this powerful series, Fran lays out the past, present, and future aspects of being “saved,” and calls his listeners into a comprehensive understanding of the work of God in their lives.  (back to index)

  • Session 1: "A Case Of Mistaken Identity" (listen)
  • Session 2: “Bad Or Bad Off, And Does It Matter?” (listen)
  • Session 3: “Metamorphosis Isn't Just For Bugs!” (listen)
  • Session 4: “Who's Calling YOUR Shots?” (listen)
  • Session 5: “The Shekinah Of The Soul” (listen)
  • Session 6: “Finding The Best Value” (listen)
  • Session 7: “What's In YOUR Wallet?” (listen)
  • Session 8: “God's Workshop - part I” (listen)
  • Session 9: “Restoring The 'Locust Years'” (listen)