"Five Holy Heresies"

This series is a provocative look at what happens when truth gets out of balance. Fran addresses the students at the world's largest school for children of missionaries in Manila, Philippines for their Spiritual Enrichment Week. Each message examines the "heresy" that results from inflating one aspect of a biblical truth to the exclusion of the larger teaching of God's Word.  (back to index)

  • "Heresy" #1: "Christians Cannot Lose Their Salvation" (listen)
  • "Heresy" #2: "Fellowship Is The Gathering of Believers" (listen)
  • "Heresy" #3: "The Word 'Virgin' is a Noun" (listen)
  • "Heresy" #4: "God Judged the City of Sodom For Homosexuality" (listen)
  • "Heresy" #5: "I Can Do Everything Through Christ" (listen)