“Finishing Well”

Most Christians think of "finishing well" in terms of a race. Running well, not dropping out, not stumbling, and not being disqualified typically come to mind, using this metaphor. But, what if "finishing" has nothing to do with a "race"? What if "finishing well" has to do with something grander and more significant? God is less concerned that we'll fail in our Christian life than He is that we'll succeed at things that really don't matter.  (back to index)

Join Fran in an auditorium of 500 college students from 17 campuses from around the South East, as he delivers this new 3-part series on the idea of exactly what it is we're supposed to "finish," and what it means to do it "well."

  • Part 1: Introduction - "First Words on Jesus' Last Words" (listen)
  • Part 2: "Lessons From The Crowd and the Cloud" - some who finished well and some who didn't (listen)
  • Part 3: “The Heart of a Finisher” - Three Words Every Christian Should Embrace (listen)