"Who On Earth Am I?"

In a "Purpose Driven®" or "Purchase Driven" world, many people still struggle with a solid understanding of who and why they exist. This 8-part series explores the enormous topics of biblical identity, purpose and mission.  (back to index)

  • Session 1: "The Order of Discovery” (listen)
  • Session 2: “Image Bearers” (listen)
  • Session 3: “Design Flaws” (listen)
  • Session 4: “Design Specs: Identity & Gender” (listen)
  • Session 5: “Who Am I in the Kingdom?” (listen)
  • Session 6: “Who On Earth Am I?” (listen)
  • Session 7: “Who in the World Am I?” (listen)
  • Session 8: “Who in the Name of God Am I?” (listen)