“Manhood: Ancient Truths"

There are a host of "voices" telling us what a real man is and how to become one. Unfortunately, most of them come from ESPN, Hollywood or Wallstreet. In this study, Fran takes a room of a hundred men each week back to "Edenic Man"—man as he was originally created. Using Timothy as a springboard, Fran examines the "ancient" record of Scripture for modern truths about masculinity.  (back to index)

  • Session 1: "Six Male Models” (listen)
  • Session 2: “A Tale of Two Runners” (listen)
  • Session 3: “Genesis 3 & Restrooms” (listen)
  • Session 4: “Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!” (listen)
  • Session 5: “Illicit Sex - the Black Hole of Pleasure” (listen)
  • Session 6: “Turning the Tables” (listen)
  • Session 7: “Getting Phil’d Up!” (listen)
  • Session 8: “A Lover of Word & Deed” (listen)
  • Session 9: “The Agony & The Ecstasy” (listen)
  • Session 10: “I Do Not Run Aimlessly” (listen)