Hands of Hur 2-Day Biblical Literacy Intensives

Hands of Hur has “distilled” its four year-long biblical literacy courses down to individual 2-day “intensives.” Each intensive consists of 12 hours of teaching by Fran Sciacca, lunch both days, and a 140-200 page course syllabus.

The four courses are:

  • “Ancient Eyes - Learning to See What Was Always There”  a Bible study “toolbox” course devoted to developing skills in making observations of Scripture, determining and using genre, exploiting figures of speech, performing word counts and frequencies, basic prinicples of Greek grammar and syntax, and employing Bible software.
  • “Getting The Big Picture” — an Old Testament survey course, examining the Scriptures in the order they likely happened rather than the order of our English Bibles. Special attention is given to historical and cultural background, the major theme of each book and its contribution to the biblical narrative.
  • “Yeshua in Four Dimensions” — a chronological study of the four Gospels simultaneously. Special attention is given to the distinctives of each Gospel and the Jewish, Greek, and Roman cultural influences surrounding the life and ministry of Yeshua (i.e. Jesus).
  • “To The Ends of the Earth” — a chronological study of the remainder of the New Testament, using the Book of Acts as the matrix for the life and letters of Paul. History, culture, and each book’s unique contribution to the Bible are studied.


Nov 3-4, 2017 — Birmingham, AL — “Ancient Eyes,” Blue Ridge Region Navigator staff training; Mtn. Brook Community Church
Jan 10-11, 2018 —
 State College, PA — “To The Ends of the Earth,” Penn State Navigator staff training; Pasquerilla Spiritual Center