"To The Ends of the Earth”
(a chronological study of the New Testament)

To The Ends of the Earth: The Unfolding Mystery of the Gospel is the third and final installment of the Hands of Hur Biblical Literacy Series. It is a study of the birth of the Church and the spread of the "good news" of God's plan for the fulness of time, to unite all things in heaven and earth in Christ. Like the previous two courses, it seeks to present this material in the order in which it likely happened. Each audio lession is approximately 90 minutes, recorded live at a Hands of Hur community Bible class in Birmingham, AL. The handouts comprise the 130 page syllabus, and are downloadable and printable by Unit.

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Lecture Number                    Title                                                                             

  • UNIT 01 - "Myth, Mystery and Misunderstanding" - part 1 (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 02 - "Myth, Mystery and Misunderstanding" - part 2 (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 03 - INTRO TO ACTS: "From Mt. Zion to Mt. Vesuvius" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 04 - ROME IN ACTS: "Caesar's Long Arm" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 05 - ACTS 1 - 5: "Israel's Bar Mitzvah" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 06 - ACTS 6 - 12: "The University of Diversity" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 07 - GALATIANS: "Paul, Apostle to the 'New Jew'" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 08 - JAMES: "James, Apostle to the 'Old Jew'" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 09 - PAUL'S 2ND JOURNEY: How Firm a Foundation" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 10 - THESSALONIANS: What's Really Been 'Left Behind'" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 11 - 1 CORINTHIANS: "The City on a Hill" (Listen)     (Download handout)
  • UNIT 11 - 1 CORINTHIANS - part 2: "E Pluribus Unum" (Listen)      (Download handout)
  • UNIT 12 - REVIEW & 2 CORINTHIANS - part 1: "Three Keys to Corinth" (listen)   (Download handout)
  • UNIT 12 - 2 CORINTHIANS - part 2: "Corinth: Paul's Painful Parish" (Listen)     (Download handout)
  • UNIT 13 - ROME & SPAIN: "Paul's Retirement Plans" - part 1 (Listen)     (Download handout)
  • UNIT 13 - ROMANS: "Paul's Retirement Plans" - part 2 (Listen)          (Download handout)
  • UNIT 14 - COLOSSIANS: "Theological Smoothies" (Listen)   (Download handout)
  • UNIT 14 - EPHESIANS: "The Queen of Heaven Meets the Queen of Epistles"  (Listen)   (Download handout)
  • UNIT 14 - PHILIPPIANS: "Rome on the Range"  (Listen)   (Download handout)
  • UNIT 15 - 1 & 2 TIMOTHY, TITUS: "Letters To Two Young Pastors" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 16 - HEBREWS - part 1: "Burning Bush Put Under a Bushel" (Listen)     (Download handout)
  • UNIT 16 - HEBREWS - part 2: "Holiness is Still a Big Thing to Yahweh" (Listen)     (Download handout)
  • UNIT 17 - 1 & 2 PETER: "Simon Says!" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 18 - THREE LETTERS OF JOHN: "Son of Zebedee…Son of Thunder" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 19 - THE REVELATION OF JOHN: "Prescription, Prediction & Portent"  (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • HANDOUT: Four New Testament Chronologies - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: The People and Places of the Book of Acts - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: The Sermons of the Book of Acts - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: Roman Social Structure - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: Roman Provincial Government - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: Organization of the Roman Imperial Legion - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: Political Scene of Judea - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: "Who's Who in the Ancient Heavens" – pagan gods of the 1st century - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: Four Compariative Chronologies of the New Testament - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: "Life Cycle of an Empire" – (summary of Sir John Glubb's,  Fate of Empires) - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: A Timeline of the Life and Letters of Paul - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: A Timeline of the Composition of the Letters of the New Testament - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: Chart of Paul's Unique Vocabulary - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: MAP - The New Testament World - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: MAP - The Book of Acts - (Download)
  • HANDOUT: CHART - Contributors to our New Testament - (Download)