"Getting the Big Picture”
(a chronological study of the Old Testament)

Getting The Big Picture: Acts I-III of God's Grand Drama is Part I of the Hands of Hur Biblical Literacy Series. It is a study of the first half of the drama of redemption—our "Old Testament"—in the order in which it likely happened. Each audio lession is approximately 90 minutes, recorded live at a Hands of Hur community Bible class in Birmingham, AL. The handouts comprise the 130 page syllabus, and are downloadable and printable by Unit.

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 Lecture Number                    Title                                                                             

  • UNIT 01 - INTRODUCTION: "Correctly Framing the Big Picture" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 02 - SCRIPTURE: "Jews, Catholics & Protestants" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 03 - 3G: "Geography, Genre, and Genesis" — part 1  (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 03 - 3G: "Geography, Genre, and Genesis" — part 2 (Listen)
  • UNIT 04 - JOB: "Keeping Up With The Jobses" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 05 - EXODUS: "Out Of Egypt" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 06 - LEVITICUS: "Keeping Canaan Out Of Israel" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 07 - NUMBERS: "Do The Math!" part 1 (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 07 - NUMBERS: "Do The Math!" part2 (Listen)     
  • UNIT 08 - DEUTERONOMY: "Don't Forget To Remember!" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 08 - DEUTERONOMY: "Don't Forget To Remember!" (Listen)     
  • UNIT 09 - JOSHUA: "Possessing Your Possessions" (Listen)     (Download full unit handout)
  • UNIT 10 - JUDGES & RUTH: "In Those Days…" (Listen)   (Download unit handout)   
  • UNIT 11 - FIRST SAMUEL: "Give Us A King!" (Listen)     (Download full unit handout)
  • UNIT 12 - SECOND SAMUEL: "Israel's Sweet Psalmist" (Listen)  (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 13 - PSALMS: "Psalmish 101" (Listen)      (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 14 - INTRO TO PROPHETS & KINGS: "Keys To The Kingdoms" (Listen) (Download unit handout) 
  • UNIT 15 - WISDOM LITERATURE: "Wise And Otherwise" (Listen)   (Download unit handout)   
  • UNIT 16 - THE PROPHETS: "At Many Times And In Many Ways" (Listen)  (Download unit handout)    
  • UNIT 17 - JOEL: "Locusts And The Last Days" (Listen)   (Download unit handout)   
  • UNIT 18 - AMOS, MICAH & HOSEA: "The Beginning Of The End" (Listen)  (Download unit handout)    
  • UNIT 19 - ISAIAH: "The Son Of Amoz"(Listen)  (Download unit handout)    
  • UNIT 20 - ZEPHANIAH & HABAKKUK: "Southern Voices" (Listen)     (Download full unit handout)
  • UNIT 21 - JEREMIAH & LAMENTATIONS: "He Who Wept" (Listen)    (Download unit handout)  
  • UNIT 22 - EZEKIEL & DANIEL: "Voices From Beyond the River" (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 23 - OUT OF THE ASHES: "The Birth of 2nd Temple Judaism"  (Listen)     (Download unit handout)
  • UNIT 24 - OUT OF THE ASHES: — part 2 (Listen)  (Download unit handout)