Hands of Hur online Bible courses…

Over the years, Fran has taught three, year-long Bible courses in the larger Birmingham area. These weekly courses typcially met once each week for 90 minutes. Believers from many different churches attended and were led through a chronological study of the Old Testament, the Life of Yeshua (Jesus), and the New Testament. Fran has graciously made all the audio and handouts available on this site. He only asks that they not be distributed or used in any fashion other than personal or group study. The three courses are:

“Getting the Big Picture” — chronological study of Genesis through Malachi (access it here)
“Yeshua in Four Dimensions” — chronological study of the life of Yeshua in the four Gospels (access it here)
“To The Ends of the Earth” chronological study of the early church, using the Book of Acts as the “roadmap” (access it here)