single messages

(These individual messages Fran delivered over a wide variety of venues and audiences. You may stream them directly, or download by right-clicking on the “listen” link.)

So, Whats Your Point? — Realigning Our Story With the Only One That Matters" (listen)

(Nov 2015) This 80-minute seminar was presented at the 2015 Navigator National Staff Conference in conjunction with NavPress’s release of the paperback edition of Fran’s book, So, What’s Your Point? It is a passionate summary of the book’s primary ideas, presented to Navigator staff from 12 different divisions within the Navigator organization.

"This is NOT My Father's World!" (listen)

Join Fran and a roomful of men and women in ministry at the 22nd Annual Beeson Pastors School in Birmingham, Alabama. In one of Fran's most passionate messages, he lays out in vivid detail the major influences assaulting lasting ministry in American culture. After a brief introduction to several influences characteristic of secular and church culture respectively, he spends the rest of the time examining major streams of influence characteristic of both. The message ends with four areas of teaching and preaching that need to become central.

"The Perfect Job" (listen)

The name, Job is nearly synonymous with pain and perseverance. Yet, prior to his world imploding, God Himself twice called him His “servant” who was “blameless and upright” and that there was “none on earth like him.” Buried within the Book of Job is an amazing description of Job before his life fell apart. Fran unpacks Job’s “pre-pain journals” in this insightful and challenging message. (This message is also available in video here.)

"If We Build It, They Will Come" - Apologetics in a Postmodern World (listen)

Taking a very radical stance on Truth, Fran seeks to show the "dual nature" of Truth and how both the postmodern Church and the Traditional Church have neglected half of the nature of Truth. Fran demonstrates what a Church's primary "building program" should entail and then unpacks 5 "blueprint blinders" on the eyes of many in modern ministry. This is a powerful and insightful message geared for those in leadership among us.

"The Church's New Clothes" (listen)

Fran addresses the unfortunate but true reality that like the Emperor in Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, the American Church, like the first century church of Laodecia, is "naked" and not nearly as healthy as it supposes. This message will challenge and encourage you to rearrange your priorities of worship, fellowship and ministry so that they are in harmony with God's. (This message is also available in video here.)

"The Physics of God" (listen)

Fran deals with the idea of which "direction" God's character moves Him in His dealings with us as His children and people in general. This is contrasted with the "direction" our life naturally moves us, as descendants of Adam and Eve. Understanding that God's work in our lives is to slowly but radically rotate the direction we live from towards us to towards others i s the necessary first step in cooperating with Him in His purposes.

"The Laws of the Jungle" (listen)

"Laws of the Jungle," deals with the common pitfalls drawing young people into sexual exploration and provides some honest and workable suggestions for victory as well as healing for those who have been careless. This is a profoundly honest and compelling message laced with threads of humor. (This message has been featured on Focus on the Family Radio, and was among their Top 100 Messages of All Time..)

"Virgin is an Adjective!" (listen)

This powerful message, delivered in a high school auditorium, deals with the neglected topic of "whole-body virginity." In an era when abstinence is taught as saving sexual intercourse for your honeymoon, this message introduces the biblical standard of innocence rather than abstinence. In Fran's typical honest and loving way, this message will challenge and enlighten those who are wondering "how far is too far?"