“No Little People in the One Big Story"

We live in a “gold medal” culture driven by a self-promoting social media engine. Second place finishers in sports are unknown. So are “second place” people in life. What about the Story of God? Is it the same? Are there “big people” and “big spaces” in his Story too? Join Fran and a room of a hundred men for an early morning Bible study on  ten characters who are either unknown, unnoticed, or unappreciated in the Story of God. We'll push hard against the modern Western notions of celebrity-ism, success, and status as we discover over and over that God's "upside down Kingdom" has a unique place and purpose for each of us…frequently where we're not looking.  (back to index)

  • Message 1: “PARMENAS: "He Who Abides, Is Constant and Faithful” (listen)
  • Message 2: “LEAH: “Lioness With Soft Eyes and a Broken Heart” (listen)
  • Message 3: “AGUR: “The Prayer of a Man Who Knows What He Doesn’t Want” (listen)
  • Message 4: “SIMON OF CYRENE: “Posterchild of Discipleship” (listen)
  • Message 5: “A Tale of Two Daughters” (listen)