Fran Sciacca is a prophet for our times. He has a keen ability, as an observer of our Christian culture, to bring it to the bar of judgment of God's Word.
— the late Jerry Bridges, author and speaker —

Fran Sciacca's teaching on living Biblically at the turn of the twenty-first century is solidly grounded in the scriptures, perceptive about current cultural trends, and enormously helpful at the practical level of living the Christian faith. My teenage son and I have participated in Fran's course together and we both look forward to it each week. It says a lot for Fran that he communicates clearly, effectively, and interestingly to both a forty-eight year old and a fourteen year old.”
Frank Thielman, Ph.D. — Professor of New Testament
Beeson Divinity School

"I'm convinced that the myriad of problems I face day to day with students on the college campus stems from the growing, cultural root of relativistic thought and the pull away from truth. Fran has really been an "Ezra" to us in that his teaching to our students has brought them back to the infallible truth of God's word, and has helped us lay a foundation on which to build. His study and teaching on Biblical identity & perspective has revolutionized my life and has ministered deeply to the lives of our students.” 
Matt Letourneau, Atlanta City Director
The Navigators

"Fran Sciacca's teaching exudes a desperately-needed, tried and tested, knowledge of two kinds: knowledge of Scripture and knowledge of God. His Biblical exposition is the kind that God uses to encourage, correct, warn and inform those for whom Jesus died. His having faithfully walked with God for over 40 years adds an authority and depth that is at once powerful, believable and compassionate. May this ministry be blessed and its fruit multiply through generations for Jesus' sake to God's Glory.”
Walter J. Schultz Ph.D.
Scholar in Residence — Professor of Philosophy
University of Northwestern, St. Paul, MN