message series…

The following messages are series delivered by Fran in a wide variety of settings. They range in number from 3 to 18 messages per series, and were delivered between the beginning of Hands of Hur in 2005 to the present. Clicking on the series title will open a dropdown window for that series. (To listen, click on the link. To download, right-click on the link.)

“Wisdom For An Undivided Life"

"So, What's Your Point?"

“Finishing Well”

"Folks Like Us"

"Singing in the Pain"

"You Can’t Google God"

"Behold the Man"

“Manhood: Ancient Truths"

"Who On Earth Am I?"

"Five Holy Heresies"

“Six Smooth Stones"

"Kids’ Real Needs"

"Out of the Miry Clay"

"Redeemed or Spared?"

"Reexamining the Gospel"

“The Matrix"

"Tumbleweeds Or Terebinths?"

"We're Not in Kansas Anymore!"